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June 21, 2005 - PRESS RELEASE:
New Nonfiction Book Examines
Civil Rights in Mississippi

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Where Rebels Roost
Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited

In the hot summer before the cold winter in which our nation entered the war to end all wars, two black males were born. Both were murdered in the Mississippi Delta .. Emmett Till died at 14, and Cleve McDowell only lived to be 56.

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In 1961, a black veteran named James Meredith applied for admission to the University of Miss. and launched a legal revolt against white supremacy in the most segregated state in America. Merediths challenge ultimately triggered what Time magazine called the gravest conflict between federal and state authority since the Civil War, a crisis that on September 30, 1962, exploded into ... an invasion of Ole Miss by over 20,000 U.S. combat infantry, paratroopers, military police, and National Guard troops.

Based on years of intensive research, including over 500 interviews, JFKs White House tapes, and 9,000 pages of FBI files, An American Insurrection is a minute-by-minute account of the crisis. William Doyle offers intimate portraits of the key players, from James Meredith to the segregationist Miss. Governor Ross Barnett, to President John F. Kennedy and the federal marshals and soldiers who risked their lives to uphold the Constitution. The defeat of the segregationist uprising in Oxford was a turning point in the civil rights struggle, and An American Insurrection brings this largely forgotten event to life in all its drama, stunning detail, and historical importance.
(Amazon Review)


Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Endesha Ida Mae Holland came of age as the civil rights movement was changing the lives of black Mississippians. Dirt poor, she dropped out of high school and became a prostitute when she was barely into her teens. By the time she was 18 years old, Holland had served two terms in the county workhouse for theft and for assault. A chance encounter led her to become involved with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and she became an activist and organizer, taking a new path that eventually led her to the University of Minnesota, where she earned a doctorate and became a college professor. From the Mississippi Delta is a gritty, inspiring memoir. (Amazon Review)

Sovereignty Commission, whose recently unsealed files reopened old wounds from the 1960s. Dirty isn't nearly harsh enough to describe the 20-year reign of intimidation and deceit perpetrated by the secret state agency founded to defy the Supreme Court's order for school desegregation. Dickerson, a veteran journalist and author of Goin' Back to Memphis (which studied the influence of organized crime and politics on Memphis music), traces the commission's genesis in 1955, its escalating use of unlawful tactics (including spying, dirty tricks, media manipulation, and forced conscription of political enemies) in the '60s, its eventual demise in the '70s, and the growing movement for full disclosure that resulted earlier this year in the opening of nearly 87,000 personal files. It's a bizarre story, involving organized crime, presidential and congressional politics, assassination conspiracies, and government corruption of sickening proportions. (From Kirkus Reviews)

Dittmer's stirring history of the struggle for racial justice in Mississippi tells the story in all its grim, often shocking detail. He delivers a damning indictment of the Kennedy administration for its half-hearted policies and failure to enforce the Supreme Court's ban on segregation. White churches, the author shows, consistently opposed black demands for equality and offered no leadership during the crucial 1960s. (From Publishers Weekly)

"The Pioneer Fund, established in 1937 by Wickliffe Preston Draper, is one of the most controversial nonprofit organizations in the United States. Long suspected of misusing social science to fuel the politics of oppression, the fund has specialized in supporting research that seeks to prove the genetic and intellectual inferiority of blacks while denying its ties to any political agenda.

"This powerful and provocative volume proves that the Pioneer Fund has indeed been the primary source for scientific racism. Revealing a lengthy history of concerted and clandestine activities and interests, The Funding of Scientific Racism examines for the first time archival correspondence that incriminates the fund's major players, including Draper, recently deceased president Harry F. Weyher, and others."

--The University of Illinois Press The Funding of Scientific Racism is compelling and readable. Tucker demolishes the threadbare defenses the Pioneer Fund and its supporters have concocted over the last two decades."

-- Barry Mehler, founder and executive director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism William H. Tucker is a professor of psychology at Rutgers University and the author of The Science and Politics of Racial Research.

"Men Like That" adds a new dimension to Mississippi history. Motivated by his own strong will toward social change, John Howard helps us feel deeply the persecution of homosexual men and teaches us that "the truth of sexuality is often elusive and mutable." Constance Curry, author of Silver Rights

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Celebrating 40 Years of Civil Rights

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"By the time I was growing up and could hear about my father's earlier, exciting experiences, they had an air of unreality about them. In the suburbs of Albany, NY, talk about Minton's and the Cafe Society or about labor or nuclear arms or civil rights activism seemed exotic. People Dad knew and worked with were names in History. At my public high school there was just the smallest handful of African-American students. At home, just a mile away from school, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was simply Martin, my dad's old boss. My father also was not one for keeping track of details or keeping chronologies straight. His memories were all in soft focus, warmed in the glow of his nostalgia."
Benjamin T. Greenberg

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My favorite selections are listed here. I've included some of the newest writings on Medgar Evers, James Meredith, Emmett Till, Fanny Lou Hamer, Mae Carter, the NAACP, the Sovereignty Commission, Citizen Councils, and more about the Civil Rights Movement.. Susan

Tribute - Without Sanctuary

Between 1882 and 1952, at least 3,437 black Americans were lynched, 534 of them in Mississippi the most of any state.  Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America, will be shown at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. from Jan. 30 to July 4. Jackson will be the fourth stop for the exhibit, previously shown in Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New York.

John Allen, an Atlanta dealer of Southern folk art who has spent two decades gathering the collection with his partner, John Littlefield told Jerry Mitchell of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger he wanted the exhibit in this state because the state has shown such extremes on the continuum of morality, from the cowardice of lynch mobs to the courage of people such as NAACP leader Medgar Evers, who fought injustices. Please be aware before linking to the site that much of the material is very disturbing.

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